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Good Friday, (Blank), Easter Sunday
My Idea For A School
Digital Collage (American Healthcare)
Quoting Tracy Chapman (Nothing Yet)
Message To My Gofundme Supporters
My System Of Education
Words And Concepts (Demiurge)
My Shelter For Homeless Men
Black People Are Being Re-Civilized
It Really Does Take A Village 
Why I Wrote The Ameriqas Series
Ending Poverty Is Easy
How To Live Homeless In NYC
I May Survive My 2nd Ethnic Cleansing
Quoting Ida B. Wells (Lynching)
Post Materialism Theory
De Blasio's Tiny Homeless Plan
Quoting Albert Einstein (Community)
Create Cooperatives To Compete With Gangs
Quoting James Baldwin (Teen Violence)
Social Constructs and Slavery in America
Power of Words and Nigger by Randall Kennedy
Real Thinking and Negro President
Careless Blacks and Malcolm X Speeches
U. S. Soldiers and Windtalkers
NYC Falling Apart and John Coltrane
New Systems and Fight for Freedom
Government Agents and Terror Attacks

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